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Faux Painting in NYC

When we apply Faux Painting techniques to decorate your walls we create a pattern with paint . As professionals we can make hundreds  of  beautiful designs according to your taste  . It can take the form of geometric patterns (squares,circles,etc) or patterns that resemble the natural surface such as wood , marble ,stone ,etc . Artists of Venice Painting Contractor Inc.  pride themselves on being so good that it is impossbile to distinguish the difference between our painting and the natural element . The most modern applications of Faux Finishes  (our techniques) include : Marbleizing, Fresco , Graining ,Trompe L’oeil , Color Wash , Strie , Cracking, Dragging , Rag Painting & Sponging .We decorate directly on the wall , or we decorate on a canvas that is later attached to the wall or ceiling .

Wood Graining in NYC

venetian plaster painting company nyc new york

Decorating with Venetian Plaster in NYC

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Marbleizing in NYC

Art restoration New York

Furniture Staining Repairs in NYC

Mural NYC

Murals in NYC

Gold leafing NYC

Gold-leafing , Gold leafing

Wallpaper Restoration in NYC

We will restore the design and color of the decoration using traditional materials and methods, to replicate both the appearance and feel of the original

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Religious Institutions in NYC