Faux Painting and Decorative Finishes

Every brush stroke and result will be original because Faux Painting is a style that a painter is able to express his unique style. We have hundreds of designs for you to choose from, all you have to do is find your color and watch us display our magic on the wall or ceiling.

Faux Painting & Specialty Textures  

What are some popular faux painting styles?

Old World Impressions: This style is influenced by the old painting masters that used to decorate in ancient Rome and ancient Greece.

Metallic Impressions: The metallic Impressions have more glamour to them and their specialty texture is heavily used in upscale hotels and Fashion shows. 

Quartz Stone Impressions: Decorative stones that have an earthy feel but yet still are heavy influenced by a modern style.  

Artisan Impressions: These are unique brushstrokes that only expressed by the artist and they are extremely difficult to duplicate. Use these style if you would like your environment to completely stand out and look sophisticated.  


Woodgraining is the art of making a flat surface look like authentic wooden stained textures. This can completely spice up surfaces. You Won’t Be able to differentiate between our work and the organic material

woodgraning speciality textures on Church ceilings

Decorative textures on a ceiling in a Church

Gold leafing, Gilding

The art of applying Golden or Silver textures in Writing, usually used with banks, government properties, and universities.


Marblizing is the art of imitating organic marble to a point where it is impossible to differentiate our product with the organic material.

painting company marblizing new york nyc

Venetian Plaster

We have hundreds of Venetian plaster designs for you to chose from, a sample will be provided and if like the sample then the work can be performed on a large surface.

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