Residential Painting Services

Among the most effective approaches to personify and enhance your house is with  color , We’re more than painters , we are Artists with a vision and a wish to add life to a living room . Whatever your taste may be , we’ve got the ideal experience to deliver a job that’s specially tailored to your own satisfaction.

What type of painting services do we provide?

Our crew of home painters are prepared to get going on your interior residential home painting job. We only use premium paint and surface preparation methods that will give your home  amazing lasting outcomes.

At Venice Painting Contractor, we offer the best services when it comes to home improvement, You will marvel at our ability to completely enhance your interior space from within.

Here are some specific services we provide for residential interiors , you can read more about our interior services below .

More about Interior home Painting

Residential Interior Bedrooms


The residential bedroom is the most personal space in your property. It’s a place that’s essential for giving a comfortable, inviting and welcoming feeling to your day. We can turn any bedroom into perfection where you will find serenity, peace, and inspiration. Our professional team is dedicated to providing a professional excellent paint job that’s synonymous with our name.

Living Rooms

A nice warm color can do the trick in order to calm your senses, or  decorative textures can make your living room look unique.  By allowing us to provide you with a working sample, you can see the difference between a regular painting job which we can provide or an artistic job that uses unique and luxurious decorative textures to transform your living rooms space.

Residential dining room

Dining Rooms

The dining room is a very intimate space where people can further connect with one another , color plays an important role in the dining experience, allow us to help you find the right color that will harmoniously blend with the furniture and picture frames in the dining room.


The kitchen is a place for you and your loved ones come together , we can help save you thousands of dollars by plastering and painting your kitchen walls, flooring, ceiling and kitchen cabinets so you can reconsider renovating ,  sometimes all that is needed is an excellent paint job , also we are able to paint all types of cabinets making them look completely identical to any type of texture that you like .

Residential Bathroom


Baths do not need to be ignored and considered dull, allow the color to give it light and expression. Many bathrooms have problems with moisture and need moisture resistant paint, the paint’s chemical properties should have the ability to fight off fluctuations in temperatures, humidity, and chemicals, selecting the right paint for the interior of the bathroom is as important as the textures on the walls.  You can always go with a painting job but to completely make it remarkable, we recommend specialty painting techniques such as Venetian Plaster and Faux Finishes.

Residential Home Office

Home Office

Whether you are paying bills or working from your house , the colors in your room are very important because it has been demonstrated that certain colors elicit certain feelings in individuals which are related to euphoria, confidence, creativeness, relaxation, and tranquility

Kids room

Kids Rooms

The right color is an important part for a child’s environment, it will help their creativeness and their playful spirit, cartoon characters and landscapes can further enhance the room of the children that can evoke warm feelings that will spark playfulness and love,


Hallway & Staircase

The expansive hallway that leads into other rooms is a perfect area for a clean and neat paint job, using the right colors that will match your baseboards and trims and furniture will make a big difference when it comes to structural harmony.

residential basements


Basements do need to be ignored and forgotten, they do not need to be dark and gloomy, transform your basement by using the right lights and the correct paint color to enhance the feeling of warmth.

Areas of Service?

Our NYC painters provide residential interior painting services in Manhattan and Staten Island , NY